Anonym fragte: Are those gossiping People still around and make they feel Bad about yourself? :*


Sometimes…if I do something which fits in their pichture of me it begins again…but they do not know me…and they do not know how much it is hurting me…they only know that I am that girl who sometimes begins to cry in the middle of school lessons…

Anonym fragte: Why are you so afraid of being lonely... I mean i am too but i remind myself everytime that i Need to take care of myself no matter what..:*


One time in my life nearly everybody liked me an we all were good friends, at this time I felt really good and was allways laughting but…a few werks later all this friends fell apart and I’ve heared very interisting gossip abiut me…now I’ve found a few persons who I never want to lose because I love them so much. Although they know about my charakter they like me…I think they like me….and I never want to lose them because they gave me Power and I think if they won’t be by me one day it would be a difficult time.

Anonym fragte: Hi


Sei gegrüßt großer Unbekannter.

Anonym fragte: Schönster Tag in deinem Leben? (Bisher)


Kann mich an keinen erinnern…schöne momente werden bei mir meist durch später folgende taten zerstört.

Anonym fragte: Wie geht es dir wirklich?


Abgesehen von den paar wundervollen Menschen die andere mir immer vorziehen ganz “wundervoll”.

ich hasse es wie du mich ignorierst, hasse es so sehr

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Meine Gedankenwelt (via kranke-menschheit)

Dieses scheiß Gefühl, überall unerwünscht zu sein.
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